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EuMEA-HealthConnect creates successful partnerships between product developers and commercialisation companies. EuMEA-HealthConnect finds, analyses and selects excellent pharmaceutical products and health care solutions that can add value to the health care environment in the selected territories.

EuMEA-HealthConnect brings these products to a network of independent, locally well embedded Health Care companies across Europe east and west, Middle East, Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. This Connection is made after thorough assessment of the fit between supplier and commercial entity, and therefore offers a better chance for success. We believe that the expertise we have in EuMEA-HealthConnect allows us, following an assessment along certain criteria, to create winning alliances.

Frank Pieters : CEO
Commercial Partner Europe

Several Commercial Management Functions, Country Head GSK Belgium.

Global Head of Respiratory, Global Head of Biosimilars, Head of Southern Europe.

Global Head of Respiratory & Specialty Products, Head of Cipla Europe.

>Dr. Aniss Tagemouati
Commercial Partner Africa & Middle East

Morocco Medical Director.
North Africa General Manager.
Africa and Middle East respiratory and specialty products head.

Laura Nae
Commercial Partner Eastern European Countries

An international business consultant in sales, marketing, business development and market research experience in pharmaceutical and device sector. Experienced with pharmaceutical clients across all EU states, EEA, CIS, MENA, India and South East Asia on medicinal product development, services and product supply, market access research, intellectual property and commercial forecasting for products.

Roberto Colauto

Managing Director Italy.
Head of Corporate Strategic Marketing
Director International Marketing
Head of Business Development & Licensing .

Dr. Subir Basak
Commercial Partner India
Biotechnology Expert

Chief Executive Officer Intas Biopharmaceuticals.
President - JDDS.
Senior Vice President And Global Head Of Business Excellence.

Oskar Hakansson
Commercial Partner Australia

Head Australia and New Zealand, Cipla Pharmaceuticals (Director), November 2012 – August 2014.
Business Unit Director Consumer products, Symbion Pharmacy Services, June 2010 – October 2012.
National Manager Private Label (generics), Symbion Pharmacy Services, January 2005 – June 2010.

Gady Zohori

30 years of knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and since 20 years profound experience in developing pharmaceutical projects in West-Africa.
Visionary and leader to his Belgian and African teams and advisor during the roll-out of the project.
With his analytical mind-set, he focuses on profitability.
With his interpersonal skills, he creates unique alliances to seize business deals. Not your typical business advisor.

Iftach Seri
Commercial Partner East of Europe and Israel
API Expert

18 years with Several Management Functions Including General Manager Pharma.
EVP API Division.

Abdelhadi KHOULID
Commercial partner Tunisia ,Libya ,Egypt

K 2 Z Consulting (Associate Director) , 2014 - Till now.
GlaxoSmithKline (General Manager) , 2009 – 2013 .
GlaxoSmithKline (Marketing Director), 2007 – 2009.


EuMEA Health Connect

EuMEA- Consulting & Partnership
Strategic Consulting
Board Membership
Health Economics
Executive Search
Direct Marketing
Pharma Company Management
Regulatory Affairs
Medical Affairs
Clinical Development
Legal Affairs

Connected Consultants

- P&L Projects, Opening Doors to Sustainable Profits and Healthy Links

P&L Projects, a Strategic Consulting Company, provides High Level Consulting to Health Care Companies. Thanks to his specific 25 years domain Experience, Frank Pieters gives expert advise to companies who are developing and commercializing Respiratory Products and Services. Please contact via direct mail to frank.pieters@plprojects.eu.

- BFF, Belouchi & Fassi-Fihri Law Firm

BFF Law Firm is a business law firm in advisory, contracts , as well as in litigation.Fatima-Zahra Fassi-Fihri and Bouchra Belouchi, the partners of BFF law Firm, have a experience in Health sector and pharmaceutical industry. Indeed, they assist many pharmaceutical industries and health investment funds on their legal requirements and restructuring/acquisition . They also set up several contracts in this sector for international business.
Fatima-Zahra Fassi-Fihri is member of Cour d'appel de Paris and graduate in Law and graduate in the Business School Escp Europe.
Bouchra Belouchi is member of Cour d'appel de Paris and graduate in the Business Law Institute of Paris II Assas.

- Pharmexon Consulting

Pharmexon Consulting is able to see Regulatory Affairs with a 3­dimensional view. What is unique about our consultancy is that our Key Experts have worked for Health Agencies, Corporate Pharmaceuticals and have consulted in small to large service company. This unique vision means that the experts are able to assess the technical complexities, scientific challenges and regulatory landscape with full accountability to the end business requirements. One of the main challenges our experts have experienced is to make Business Development see eye to eye with Regulatory. The two elements are not mutually exclusive and all elements are considered as part of any strategy.

- Oskar HAKANSSON Consulting

Oskar has over 25 years’ experience in the in the pharmaceutical industry and with a particular focus on Linking pharmaceutical product providers from across the globe with local Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) companies that have local presence and proven sales records.
Oskar has worked for both large and small companies and with management experience in sales, marketing, acquisitions, pipeline development and product sourcing. This experience and the reputation in the ANZ market means Oskar is able to effectively connect and assist parties wanting to expand their business into ANZ or companies in ANZ wanting to expand their business outside of in overseas markets.

- Mala Healthcare

MALA is a global strategy and business development support partner based in India, and helps companies with challenges covering “market’ needs from market entry strategic advisory services, product out-licensing & supply agreements (generics, novel & proprietary products) partner assessment, due-diligence and strategic alliance management, commercial strategy, corporate governance and monitoring services, compliance with collaboration norms, Quality/Regulatory coordination activities. MALA has an extensive network of Top 20 manufacturers in India that supply global markets.
MALA offers a truly India strategy & Partnership Solution for a wide variety of pharmaceutical products, including Generics, NCEs, Biologicals/Biotech/Biosimilars, Advanced Therapies, OTCs, and more. MALA’s subject matter expert team is formed by bringing together a team of experts who have played key decision making roles from the industry side.
MALA understands the critical and confidential nature of global assignments and managing and delivering on time, with our extensive experience and truly India footprint, we can offer flexibility and assurance that we really understand the Indian market.



FLUIDDA is the leading company in the research and development of imaging biomarkers to enhance drug development and patient care in the Respiratory field. Collaboration with universities, pharmaceutical companies and medical research centers resulted in clinical trials including thousands of patients. These trials proved the higher sensitivity of this novel approach over existing standard outcome parameters.


After 10 years development of the technology and experience in Clinical trial settings, Fluidda launched the Functional Respiratory Imaging technology in Clinical Practice. Doctors and Industry specialists, with special interest in the Respiratory Disease area, can log in to the Broncholab database, and have access, free of charge, to very clear case studies, showing the benefits of the FRI analysis in proper diagnosis of Difficult To Treat Patients.

- LinaSolutions

Publishing and communications company specializes in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

- Hict, consulting in healthcare

Hict offers consulting to healthcare providers, healthcare suppliers and public services in the healthcare sector.

- Medipress services

Publishing and communications company specializes in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

- Advice ID

Advice ID specialised in Bioinformatics/Diagnostics working directly and internationally with Universities and companies, providing technology transfer programmes for business support organisations, government initiatives, and development agencies that support companies in international expansion, innovation and new product development. Developing the host organisation’s capabilities, introducing new networks of investors and companies, and assisting in the planning and delivery of the technology commercialisation process. Establishing and managing startup and business incubators, create operating models that fit the needs of stakeholders, implementing policies and processes, and providing entrepreneurship training, coaching and mentoring to incubatees.


MULTI-G is a promotor and distributor of pharmaceutical products in West Africa. We reach directly the final customer with an in-house sales force in 10 countries and a supply chain of highly efficient distributors. Years of in-the-field experience and a solid network at national authorities are key when evaluating emerging markets, developing strategies to stay ahead of competition or to become smart when taking investment and expansion decisions.

HCPRO Health Care Professionals

Consulting, import and distribution of medicines, cosmetics and devices .


- Frank Pieters

    Bosmanslei, 15 2018 Antwerp Belgium

    +32 496 59 04 54


- Dr. Aniss Tagemouati

    +212 6 61 31 60 15


- Iftach Seri

    +972 52 600 5995


- Dr. Subir Basak

    ‪+91 98809 88847‬


- Oskar Hakansson

    ‪+61 (0)407 130 451


- laura Nae

    ‪ 00420 77 63 57 012


- Ismail Dia

    ‪ +324 97 59 45 68


- Gady Zohori

    ‪ +32 3 218 42 23


- Abdelhadi KHOULID

    ‪ + 212 (0) 6 77 17 90 14


- Roberto Colauto

    ‪ +39 348 2595138


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